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Why do I have Headaches Everyday?

If you are asking, why do I have headaches everyday?, definitely you are not the only one searching for answers. A lot of people suffer from frequent headaches and all of them have the same question in mind. However, there is no “one-size-fits-all” type of answer because the causes of headache vary greatly. Below are few ideas about the most common causes of headaches and some of their respective simple and appropriate remedies.

There can be a lot of causes of headaches ranging from muscular in nature to more serious medical conditions. The primary causes of headaches are classified into two groups, inflammation and pressure. Occurrence of both may result to tension which may aggravate to the problem.

The two factors are linked to almost all types of pain. Inflammation or tension alike usually can cause the pressure that you have during headaches. This principle is the basis of treatment of most form of headache management. The aim is to manage the inflammation, tension, or both whether you utilize ice and heat compress, massage therapy or drugs. Putting this principle in mind, you have to select the appropriate management for your headaches. This clears out why there are remedies that work effectively to a certain case of headache but is useless to the other.


It is definitely useless to take in a couple of analgesics or pain relievers like Ibuprofen or Tylenol as your mode of treatment for your tension headache which is due to mental stress. The pain still stays but if you manage it with massage therapy or heat compress on the various parts of neck and head then the pain will subside.

On the other hand, using massage techniques for inflammation related headaches such as mild trauma, hangover, or migrain is expected to be ineffective. This type of headaches should be treated with chemical methods like drugs and can also be applied with ice packs. If the inflammation has pulled in enough tension manifested by severe pain, heat and cold compress can be used coupled with massage therapy. Many have already tried these remedies and they have proven the effectiveness.

Why do I have Headaches Everyday

Combining remedies can be used to manage headaches. Tylenol and caffeine is a good combination to counter minor headaches and hangover. Caffeine is known to be a vasodilator so it relieves the tension within blood vessel walls thereby promoting good blood flow in the head and brain. Nevertheless, this remedy must be used moderately because excessive consumption may result to rebound headaches. Knowing or understanding the probable cause of your pain is important before using an appropriate remedy.
These remedies are for simple headaches that you might encounter everyday. Professional or medical help is still deemed to be the most appropriate step to take for cases like severe migraine, brain tumor, serious head injuries, etc. They can also cause headaches everyday without you knowing that they occur until it launches a serious effect to your health. If needed, consult your physician if you have already tried all simple remedies yet you aren’t relieved and let him answer your question, why do I have headaches everyday

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